Managing the Risk and Compliance of your School’s
Providers of On-site Goods or Services
Building a school culture that values compliance and governance is the key behind delivering trust and integrity. To build and maintain this culture is to cast a protective net over your staff and students as well as conforming with legal requirements.

The school education framework in Australia is undergoing critical change. As a result, schools are under increasing pressure to educate students while negotiating a constant shift in legislative, fiscal and economic requirements. Such challenges also create a greater expectation on your compliance and risk processes to protect your school from harm.

Risks are events, situations or circumstances that may lead to negative consequences for your School. A good risk management plan with appropriate risk management strategies can minimise costly and stressful problems, and may also reduce insurance claims and premiums.
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SAM4Schools™ has developed an online, secure web portal that will greatly assist BOTH Schools and their on-site providers of goods and services. We work with Schools to help those with management responsibility for workplace health and safety in schools (such as principals, assistant principals, business managers and leadership team members responsible for budgets, facilities and purchasing) to establish and maintain your School’s Compliance Register to conform with the special workplace obligations involving a legal duty of care to students.

Risk management is a structured approach to managing uncertainty and includes actions taken to:
  • identify;
  • assess;
  • monitor; and
  • reduce the impact of risks.