Legislation (in particular Occupational Health and Safety or Work Health and Safety Acts and Working With Children Acts), Regulations, Procedures and Policies require Schools to be responsible for:

  • maintaining a Compliance Register of approved POGS and making the register available to all relevant School employees;
  • reviewing and documenting workers compensation and public liability insurances of POGS prior to working on-site;
  • reviewing and documenting relevant licences, permits, accreditations, qualifications, etc of POGS prior to working on-site;
  • providing POGS with induction information, requirements and behavioural expectations while on-site;
  • ensuring relevant work permits where applicable are completed prior to commencing work;
  • ensuring Working with Children Checks are obtained where required;
  • acting on any identified non-compliance of POGS.
Schools must to be confident that they are dealing with POGS who have the insurances, qualifications, licences and skills to undertake the job at hand, because, while POGS are ultimately responsible for their actions, Schools can also bear the consequences of any mistakes.
The SAM4Schools™ Compliance Management Service is offered free of any charges to POGS at Schools – BUT you can only register on SAM4Schools™ if invited by one of our Client Schools and you receive a request to register from SAM4Schools™.
SAM4Schools™ has been developed to provide a simple platform for compliance obligations and to give everyone peace of mind. It helps BOTH Schools and their POGS so that neither party wastes valuable resources managing compliance.

How POGS invited by Schools will benefit from registering on SAM4Schools™:

Save time and headaches. Store all your insurance details, OH&S policies, licenses, memberships and business information in one secure place that can be accessed by a computer or smartphone anywhere. By keeping your details up-to-date, Schools can quickly and easily reference compliance information they need, without disturbing you.
Once your information is uploaded, the SAM4Schools™ system acts as your ‘office administrator’ and removes the manual processes of compliance management. By reminding you when renewals are due, it leaves you free to get on with your other important tasks without having to worry about being caught out by expired licences or insurances.
Identify any gaps in your compliance and reduce risk exposure and demonstrate a level of due diligence to your insurance brokers. The ability to demonstrate your health and safety capabilities to current and potential clients.
Further Advantages:
  • You only register once regardless of the number of School Clients you may have
  • You can print out all your documentation and safety summaries for tendering or quoting for new work or use the guest access feature
  • The on-line system is a one stop location for all your compliance requirements with links to many reference’s and information sites
  • We monitor expiry dates on a number of your legal requirements