A new era of Risk and Compliance Management for Schools

Managing the Risk and Compliance of your School’s Providers of On-site Goods or Services (POGS)/Contractors, Volunteers & Facility Hirers.

SAM4Schools is a secure, online Risk and Compliance Management System that benefits schools and their providers of on-site goods or services (POGS) / contractors.
Our system provides the framework to establish and maintain an up-to-date Compliance Register for every provider of on-site goods or services (POGS) and contractors to a school.  This enables a school to meet its workplace obligations and comply with current legislation, while providing their legal duty of care.


SAM4Schools streamlines compliance and reporting procedures, and greatly assists those responsible for the workplace health and safety of their school, such as:  principals, assistant principals, business managers and leadership team members responsible for budgets, facilities and purchasing.

A school culture that values compliance and governance is the key to delivering trust and integrity. Building and maintaining this culture casts a protective net over your staff and students while satisfying legal requirements.

The school education framework in Australia is undergoing critical change, resulting in increasing pressure for schools to educate students while negotiating constant shifts in legislative, fiscal and economic requirements. Such challenges create greater expectations on your compliance and risk processes to protect your school from harm.

Risks are events, situations or circumstances that may lead to negative consequences for your school. Appropriate risk management strategies can minimise costly and stressful problems, and may also reduce insurance claims and premiums

We follow a Risk Management structured approach to managing uncertainty and includes actions taken to: Identify; Assess; Monitor; and Reduce the impact of risks


Mooroolbark College

“ We have been using SAM4Schools since 2010 and have found their service a valuable administrative tool and asset to have in the college. In conjunction with the information, updates of POGS that SAMS4 Schools provides us and alongside our internal based Contractor Management, we are able to provide a safe environment for Students, Staff and also the Contractors who attend and work/study at our college.”
Matthew Wildner
Facilities Manager

Camberwell Primary School

SAM4Schools provides peace of mind and relieves the major contractor compliance burden from busy school admin staff. It's easy to manage and SAMS staff are incredibly helpful.
Maxine Farrar
Business Manager

Point Cook Senior Secondary College

We have been running the Sams4 Schools software program for approximately a year. With all honesty at first it was a lot of work trying to entice our creditors on board. Just lately though after a compelling spiel we are finding that things are going a lot more smoothly. Our maintenance person is finding that he not following up paperwork after paperwork but actually is getting on with the Work that he is meant to do.
With all the changes in regulations and laws it pays to have a company that can keep up with all the changes, making life a lot simpler for the administration of any school. With a little bit of information and a flick of a button, it’s that easy to add new creditors to the system and that someone else is following through with all their paperwork.
I love the program and no query is too much for the team at Sams4Schools. We have recommended this program to other schools. I have no hesitations referring them on.
Nicki Sarandoglou
Office/Finance Manger

Yarra Ranges Special Developmental School

We have used SAM4schools for many years now and honestly could not manage without the wonderful team there! They save us so much time and stress when it comes to choosing POGS.
Teresa Burdeu
Business Manager

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School

Since taking on the role of Property Manager at Mentone Girls’ Grammar in 2013 I have found the sam4schools system the perfect tool for managing the compliance documentation all our external providers and contractors.
Chris Bateson
Property Manager

Mount Lilydale Mercy College

Since engaging SAM4Schools to manage our online Contractor Compliance, we have found keeping our information up to date a much easier and smoother process for our College. The SAM4Schools system is easy to use and to have the assurance of the system alerting us regularly of contractor requirements has been so valuable for the staff managing this process. Greg from SAM4Schools has always been helpful and happy to assist both the College and our contractors when necessary.
Cathy Pote
Assistant Business Manager

Wonga Park Primary School

Wonga Park Primary School has been using the services of Sam4Schools since 2010. We have found the program to be a very reliable, efficient and effective way of managing our preferred contractors and suppliers.
The program allows the school to be able to quickly and easily see that our preferred contractors and suppliers comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements and School compliance. All required documentation is managed on-line in an easy to use format.
The program also enables the user to search for other compliant contractors/ suppliers, that are currently being used by other schools.
All communications with Sam4Schools are acted upon and followed up in an efficient, timely manner by Greg Dawson and his team.
We look forward to continuing to work with Sam4Schools and we would highly recommend the program to all schools, as it is a convenient, time-saving resource.
Marg Askew
Assistant Principal